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The Vedic Metric

Recently I have been writing a book to explain the relevance of the Vedic Metric System and how to apply it to different devices you can make yourself that far outperform what is currently available publicly. It has now been eight years since I started this website and I would like to thank the many return viewers have given me so much positive feedback. I have tried to include as much information as I can to help people on their own journeys. I have been doing Research and Development using the Vedic System for 15 years and would like to share my finding with you all. I have manufactured different electric motors and generators using the proven principles explained within my book and wish to enlighten anyone who is interested.  


We have different standardized systems for measuring weight, time, temperature and pressure to name a few and over time we have all so had several different scales for music. What I would like to do is explain to you that there is only one system for everything and because of this history has been fabricated to hide this information that explains the absolute truth behind our very existence. Our standard forms of measurement used by industry around the world, the French Metric system and Imperial or English inch are there to intentionally misguide you, the Vedic Metric it is the least known only because it is the industrial secret of corporations like Sony, Westinghouse, J P Morgan, Hertz, Bose, Intel computer processors, Shell, BP, Mobil, Ferrari, Toyota, Ford, Hyundai, NASA, Boeing and many more.

Do you really think we are currently at the most technologically advanced level that civilization has achieved in the history of this planet?

There are web sites that expose artefacts that do not fit into the current version of history taught in universities. The ticky tacky world of academia have created different theories and modified history to tell a story that if the truth were known is an act of fraud. If you charge a fee to a student and the information in that subject was supposed to be gathered through irrefutable pair group analysis and they are aware that the information not factual, that is fraud.

University lecturers are still teaching the same old crusty outdated information they have taught for years because if the content is changed the previous graduates’ degrees would be no longer valid. So I will show to you how a degree in history, physics, chemistry are useless because of the information taught and I will show you that even evolution can be easily dispelled as an invalid subject. Business degrees are about the only subject a university should be teaching but if you look at the state of the world’s economy that is questionable too.

Religion, science and philosophy all play a part in the truth about Intelligent Design as it is known now. It used to be called Harmonic Proportion and From and you will find that we were all created as this is the only outcome possible when you are confronted with all the facts without the important bits missing. Quantum Physics now states we live in a holographic universe and there are numerous videos on You Tube and articles written about but they don’t explain what creates the illusion or hologram we observe. The Jews believe life is a dream, the Hindu say It as an Illusion, many Philosophers say that everything is nothing, nothing is everything. Discover yourself that everything you believe to be true is an illusion manifested by the universal one mind. .Norbert Wiener the founder of Cybernetics stated many years ago that "information is information, not matter and not energy". Or if you like “A single wave is the result of an external artificial source that forms a vortex of information, producing the foundation of existence. Norbert Weiner's philosophy becomes valid when the knowledge of Vedic Physics and the Vedic measuring system are incorporated in his theory. He takes the world of Quantum mechanics and the single wave that modern science describes as the foundation of our existence that one-step further down the Quantum rabbit hole


This is my book and I hope many of you will enjoy it. It does contain explanations of Vedic Philosophy dealing with Aether Physics as well as other topics contained within this website.  The Book is currently available from me by request only in the following formats: EPUB, Microsoft Office DOC, DOCX.


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$13.00  with the bonus metrics spreadsheet




There have been several scientific books and lecture papers written on the subject of our holographic universe but none have gone far enough as to expand peoples thinking and explain the true nature of reality. Music is a natural consequence of the pure mathematics within nature. Music is a true universal language as Music is vibrational physics and mathematics that is a language understood by the human mind. The silent music of the universe or Aether Physics from the RG Veda is the only ONE science that explains the true perfection of creation and our connection to the holographic universe.


Quantum Metrics are from the RG Veda: Quantum Physicist already knowing the answer as they have taken it the RG Veda then creates complicated elongated mathematical equations to derive at their Metric, which they name after themselves. I explain how to calculate all 90 metrics contained in RG Veda using a dividend and divisor and how to apply this system of harmony to devices you can manufacture such as electric motors. I would not dare name any of the yet “undiscovered” Metrics after myself, as no man should claim Gods work as his own.


Although I have examples of the RG Vedas and other sources mentioning the Vedic Metre no one to my knowledge as given a full interpretation of them and what they relate to as I have done. I have deciphered and attempted to simplify one of the most ancient of mysteries and show how to apply it. My intention in releasing this information is to enlighten humanity as to assist in the rebuilding of the foundations of science for the advancement of all. We all must aspire to a brighter future and not allow this information to remain the industrial secret of occult societies.


These societies have handicapped humanity for long enough and it is time to enter into the light from the darkness and advance our civilization. The zenith is the point in the sky or celestial sphere directly above an observer. God, sees all life in all dimensions and knows all of us, we should all strive for Krsna Consciousness and free ourselves from the illusion of our material world. When there is harmony between the mind, heart and resolution then nothing is impossible.

Index of my book


Holographic Universe :- I have included a substantial amount of information not contained in my website before to help the reader come to an understanding of the temporary universe our three dimensional bodies inhabit.


Vedic Physics and the Fifth Element :- I have used the Vedic interpretation of our reality from the Bhagavad Gita (As It Is)  and the RG Vedas. The science of creation has been around since before the dawn of creation and modern academics have been fooled by the Maya (illusion) and based their physics on observation. Aether Physics was well known in the 1800’s and then Einstein developed his delusional theory on relativity. Scientists are now returning to a Science that includes Aether as their theories can only work with the existence of Aether. Meanwhile Occult Societies have known the truth all along.   


The Vedic Metric, The Lotus Flower Measuring System :- There are many examples of how to apply the Vedic Metric as to illustrate why many people could not replicate the work of Nikola Tesla. If you do not know the measuring system we have as industrial standards are in place to deceive you, there is no way of recreating Tesla’s work. Quantum physics is a sham although they are coming around slowly to truth but I don't think they will get there as they are controlled by others that provider their funding. Do it their way or don’t get the money to continue your work.


Intelligent Design :- The Flower of life Geometry is at the forefront of Intelligent Design because as our cells divide and multiply they create this geometric pattern. The simple formula for Fractal Geometry (z = z˛ + c) can create many magnificent replicas of actual trees, mountain ranges, clouds  and everything else formed in nature showing this holographic universe is designed  and projected by an Omni-dimensional ancient  artefact. Fractal Compression is used for transmitting data via “satellites” for telecommunications but also explains the growth through Fractal Expansion (unpacking of information) of every living thing. Euclidian Geometry was used by the Master Painters, Sculptures and Architects to produce images in perfect proportion and form as seen in nature.  


Ancient Astronauts & Suppressed Information :- We are not all different race of humans but different species of Humanoid Alien’s that have visited our earth for millions of years.  Many cultures have used advanced technology in the past and I have included several examples in this Chapter.  There are many interesting subjects to expand the readers awareness of what has been hidden in plane sight.


Trust, The System of Deception :- This chapter has been my most resent obsession in uncovering the systematic fraud involving our global banking system and exposing what is really going on. Our lives are prepaid and the funds used for Credit Cards and Bank loans are taken (thieved) from a TRUST setup at our BIRTH. Cracking the UCC (Uniform Commercial Code) is the way to claim the funds within the TRUST. I explain how the system works and when it began.


Conclusion :- Just a windup of what has been going on in our world.